How to write a job description that attracts more talent?

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How to write a job description that attracts more talent?

A job description is your company’s chance to make a pitch to the candidates and make a strong first impression. Good job descriptions are descriptive and engaging, draw the candidate’s attention and prompt them to apply.

Here are 3 important tips that make your job description enticing to applicants:

1. Reduce the qualifications down to the absolute must-haves

Many a time, job descriptions are filled with a lot of skills and competencies that may not even be required or may only be nice-to-haves for that job. Candidates may hold back on applying for such jobs because they might think that they need to have all the job requirements to be considered.

Thus, it is very important to make sure that the mentioned qualifications and skills are the absolute must-haves for the position. Does the job really require someone with 8 years of professional experience? Does the candidate really need to know all of these skills - Java, Tomcat, SQL, Apache, Spring, HTML, CSS, Henkins, JUnit, Cucumber, Shell Scripting etc? Or does the job really require a candidate to have master’s degree?

Most of jobs require only a key set of skills and rest are simply good-to-have qualifications. Our recommendation is that cut out the noise, skip out all the good-to-have qualifications (or include them in separate section) and emphasise completely on must-have qualifications for that job.

2. Help candidates visualise the job role

It’s important to help candidates visualise a typical day at work. Clearly mention day-to-day responsibilities, who are the key people candidate will need to work with if hired, how the role functions within the organization etc. The more applicants are able to visualise the role and tasks, the more they will feel excited by the job and will be prompted to apply for the same.

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3. Sell the job

A candidate needs to have compelling reasons to leave their current company or apply to your company over others. What are the perks and benefits that come with this job? What do they get? Do you offer equity or stock options? 12 percent retirement contribution? unlimited work from home? an onsite gym? free food and transportation? child care assistance?

How does this role contribute to company’s growth? Candidates want to know how the current role is central to company’s future plan. Does the current opening of product manager help the company expand the product offerings? Does the role of data scientist enable the company to build new data science models to improve customer experience and drive growth?

Put across the benefits of the job and how the current role contributes to the company’s goals.

What not to do in a job description:

The Irene Team published this on 25 Jun, 2019.